This seminar is based on the common interests and research of its two tutors:
Merlo Kelly’s MUBC thesis Luke Gardiner & the Gardiner Estate – Conserving an Urban Morphology,  involved an examination of the origins of Dublin’s north inner city – a documentation of the historic layers of urban development and consequently a re-evaluation of today’s city core, in the context of  future development. This reading of a city through historic urban patterns involved a study of  traditional building practices, urban design intentions and representation through drawing and mapping. Analysis of building practice at the scale of the house, the street and the city allowed a new understanding of Dublin’s streetscapes and urban forms. Merlo was a researcher and recorder for an inventory of Dublin city for the NIAH and a survey of 20th century architecture in Dublin for Dublin City Council.
Stephen Mulhall was a co-tutor of Mapping Matters seminar with Aoibheann Ní Mhearáin. Stephen runs nineteeneighty, a design studio focusing on film, research and architecture & design. Mapping Matters explored the multiple nature of maps and the art of mapping, premised on the current ubiquity and accessibility of maps, as well as a concurrent theoretical interest in the creative potential of mapping practices. The seminar examined cartographic theory through image and place, the agency of
mapping, and exploring the mapping of Ireland. The seminar also examined personal geographies through mapping in film and literature, mapping the everyday, and an overall reconsideration of maps.